From the Principal's Desk

From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Students,

You know this time-tested proverb: “An archer is known by archery and not by his golden bow.” Similarly, a College or university secures good reputation not by its glittering walls or pompous domes, but by proficient performance of its promising students. A college stands for academic proliferation and enlightenment of soul and mind. B.R.M. College, Munger being only premier women’s college in Munger commissionery imparts quality education, teaches ethical as well as aesthetic values (besides academic curriculum) with a profound goal to decipher students’ personality to perfection, so that they can be a valuable asset to society and nation. You know, you are our future and on your young shoulders leis the task of nation building. Hence, be a pioneer of goodness, a forerunner of high cultural and ethical values. Let great apostles of truth, laid down by legendry heroes be your ideals. Ever remain curious to learn new Knowledge and keep yourself vibrantly anxious like a receptive vessel, ready to gather the beads of wisdom bit by bit and get your personality embellished with virtues. By constant retrospection of your deeds, you can mend your ways every day. This continual process of groping intuitively into your soul and mind will shape your accomplished personality. Yet another step to success is to be patient and tolerant. This definitely enriches your persona. “Haste makes waste”, so never start your work capriciously. Pre-plan & Plan, measure and premeasure your prospects and capability, and nevertheless, define and determine your need just according to your potential. So, always follow the idiom- “Cut your coat according to your cloth.” We should prune our desires by listening to Lord Buddha who said – “Want is the mother of all devilish temptations”, So curb it. My dear student, never sacrifice your principle for personal gain, nor ever yield to temptation. Wish only those things, you can secure with your earnest labour.

A word about discipline. Nature is the best friend, philosopher and guide to man. So, follow Nature. She ever works silently without boasting of its selfless donations to all living being, nor does she show off her rich treasure. It recreates all for us, nothing for herself and bares her bosom to all great and small, without any favor. Follow your goal passionately as an ant which always moves forward in its incessant endeavor for happiness. Be vivacious, armed with inexhaustible trove of patience. Never ride the rash waves of emotion and pay heed to the feeble callings from within, “conscience” is our lone guide to the path of prosperity. Be confident, competitive and complacent on the thorny path of life. I believe, one day you emerge a lighthouse for others. Thus, you become a pioneer of good values, an icon for the posterity indeed! Remember my dear student, your college shines, when you emerge a cynosure.

Since 1941. Maharaja Manindra Chandra College, located at the heart of the city of Kolkata, has established itself as a centre of higher education committed to importing quality education in the city and its suburbs. All of us know that life is not a bed of roses, but the ultimate aim is to maximise happiness in one’s life. We believe that only good citizen can create such environment to ensure this target for all. Again, we know that ‘students of today are the citizens of tomorrow’. Therefore, the ultimate goal of our college is to convert our students into good and ideal global citizens. In our college, we offer different under – graduate courses in a manner that the students can acquire a basic knowledge, expertise, skill and capability to fulfill their prime physiological and other economic needs in life and can also equip themselves with the basic human qualities like ethical values, aesthetic sense, social responsibility and awareness, creativity, openness of mind, honesty, truthfulness and love for others. We also organize NSS Programmes on regular basic for physical fitness and mental health of the students and to raise a sense of love within them for the nation.
The teaching faculty and the supporting staff of our college have always dedicated themselves to the sustenance of the sound and healthy academic environment which can help the students reach their goals. We also hope that, like past years, our teachers, our students and the guardians will co-operate with us towards the success of our mission, specifically, to maintain a peaceful environment within and around our college campus.
We cordially welcome all the students who have opted to take admission in our esteemed Institution in this session.

Dr. Manturam Samanta