About T.M.B. University

About T.M.B. University

Tika Manjhi Bhagalpur University was formed in the year 1960 on the 12th of July and initially the name of the university was just Bhagalpur University and it got its present name in the year 1991. The main campus of the university is located at Bhagalpur and it is spread over an area of 264 acres.

The university is offering education under eight different faculties being education, law, medical sciences, engineering, commerce, science, social sciences and humanities and these faculties are further divided into 36 departments. The university is offering a total of 36 post-graduate, five certificate, seven diploma, one post-graduate diploma and one doctoral courses.

The university is also offering self-financing courses like M. Sc. (Analytical Chemistry in environment and industry), M. Sc Biotech, MCA and MBA. The list of constituent and affiliated colleges of the university is given below:

Constituent colleges:

• T. N. B. College, Bhagalpur

• S. M. College, Bhagalpur

• R D & DJ College, Munger

• Marwari College, Bhagalpur

• J. P. College, Narainpur

• Murarka College, Sultanganj

• J. R. S. College, Jamalpur

• P. B. S. College, Banka

• S. K. R. College, Barbihga

• B. N. M. College, Barhiya

• G. B. College, Naugachia

• S. S. V. College, Kahalgaon

• J. M. S. College, Munger

• H. S. College, Haveli Kharagpur

• K.D. College, Gogari

• Koshi College, Khagaria

• K. M. D. College, Parbatta

• D. S. M. College, Jhajha

• B. R. M. College, Munger

• R. S. College, Tarapur

• K. K. M. College, Jamui

• R. D. College, Shekhpura

• Bhagalpur National College, Bhagalpur

• T. N. B. Law College, Bhagalpur

• K. K. S. College, Lakhisarai

• Jamalpur College, Jamalpur

• Madan Ahilya College, Naugachhia

• Mahila College, Khagari

• Sabour College, Sabour

Affiliated Colleges:

• Biswanath Singh Institute of Legal Studies

• Mahadeo Singh Law College

• T.N.B. Law College

Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University is not only carrying out teaching activities, but research activities as well. The university is presenting conducting collaborating research with the institutions like Lyon University, France, Kent University, Ohio, Notre Dam University, Indiana, Bristol University, England, University of Vienna and the Field Museum, Chicago.

The campus of the university includes a central library that comprises of nearly 1,40,000 books and the library is also subscribing for 123 national and two international periodicals/journals as well. The university campus also includes a computer center with more than 30 computers. The other facilities included in the campus are hostel, central health unit, athletic association, Sanskrit Nidheshalaya and Prakashan Nidheshalaya.


Education is a powerful tool to build knowledge for an information based society.
Quality, access, equity and accountability are four pillars of knowledge revolution.
Generation of knowledge, absorption of it produced elsewhere and application of knowledge in relevant fields is the mantra of information based society.
Information is power and power is information.


Year of Establishment:   12th July,1960    
Change of Name:   Name Changed from Bhagalpur University to Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University in 1991  
Main Campus Area:   264 Acres    
University Departments:   34    
Name of Faculties:   Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty Of Science
Faculty Of Commerce
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Education
Self Financing Courses:   04    
Constituent Colleges:   29    
Affiliated Colleges Govt. Funded:   28 + 15 (B.Ed. Colleges)    
Research Institute/Centers:   04
University Centre Of Bioinformatics
Regional Study Centre
Agro-Economic Research Centre
Sarat Chandra Research Centre
No. Of Academic Programmes:
Post Graduate :   34    
Certificate Course :   05    
Diploma Courses :   07    
P.G. Diploma :   01    
Ph.D. :   01    
Coaching Centre’s (UGC Sponsored):    
    NET / SET     
    Remedial Coaching    
    Entry to services    
No. of Faculty   PG Level UG Level     
University Professor        
Associate Professor        
Assistant Professor        
Principals (Constituent Colleges)   8    
No. of Students   PG Level UG Level   
    6200 130000 

Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University Address, Contact No., Official Website :

Address : Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, Tatarpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India, Pin Code-812007
Phone Number : +91 (0) 641 262 0100
Official Website: http://tmbuniv.ac.in/